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Sunday, July 01, 2007

zomg I was as Smart as Ron Paul for a second there!

A couple weeks ago a guy on NPR was talking about the inflation scare, saying don't panic 'cause -- once you exclude energy and food -- inflation's actually not really manifest. Hm.

Wait, not "hm"... I laughed out loud. I wanted to call in and say "once you exclude my mortgage, my bills are really low!" Maybe there's a reason to exclude gas and food from this calculation, I don't know. But I was pleased to see Dr. Paul echo my thoughts in the final seconds of this video.

"If you don't eat, and you don't drive, and you don't have any medical bills, you don't have any inflation to worry about!"

Why is this fudging of the numbers allowed? I don't get it. Standard accounting practices reveal that official deficit figures are lower than reality by a factor of four. Tom Coburn and the transparent government movement need to look into this stuff and give us information that means something.


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