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Friday, April 13, 2007

A Whole New World

If you're an obsessive free-software upgrader like I (sorta) am, you probably come across a line like this frequently:
"Performance-wise you should see a boost..."
-from Linux Format's preview of GIMP 2.4

This reminds me of why I love GNU/Linux. It's approximiately 180 degrees from the planned-obsolescence, forced-upgrade cycle into which assorted nonfree vendors try to lock you.

Surely you've heard, for example, of "Vista". This is an operating system that improves on its predecessor so much that you'll basically need a new computer to run it. For 80% of you, this means you'll be shelling out four figures to be allowed to do what you're currently doing, namely surf the web, check your email, and write the occasional letter.

Let's review:
-you pay lots of money
-you get almost nothing new*
-what you previously had doesn't work quite as well

-you pay nothing
-you get new functionality
-it runs faster

*Just 'cause a (costly) machine says "Vista capable" doesn't mean you're going to be able to do the stuff in the ads. So no skimping by trying to get the cheapest one. Details on an interesting example to follow in this space.


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