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Friday, November 10, 2006


That stands for "Follow Up" (i.e. to the previous article) not .. ahem... the other thing. Although it stands for that too.

Okay, all you guys who are chomping at the bit to agree to Microsoft's terms and "upgrade" your machine (after you buy it) I've got an offer for you:

If you didn't know, you are basically forbidden from telling anyone how that computer performs under scenarios of your choosing. As soon as you click "I agree, install that Vista baby!" (button text subject to change) you are thus forbidden. Well I've got an offer for you:

I'll do it. Because of certain freakish aspects of my professional life and my personality, I will be free of the restrictions of Vista's end-user license agreement forever. That is to say: I'm not going to click that button at any time.

That puts me in a unique position w/r/t your computer: I can study it, see how it performs, tell others about my findings, and learn about how to improve its performance. And this freedom (seriously) just fell into my lap as a result of the above-mentioned non-clicking on Vista's EULA buttons.

Call me up, or post a comment or something. My prices are *very reasonable.


  • MS is basically in the same position as MPAA and RIAA - treat your customers like criminals.

    By Blogger luke, at 7:03 AM  

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