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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Ted is linking to me now, so I guess I better try to keep up a little. Okay: the politically-oriented rants about geeky stuff will appear over there from now on. Here I'll focus on engineering and technical topics. And poker.

I've officially downed the AJAX kool-aid. In addition to providing slick, responsive interfaces, it helps enforce separation of the various application layers. In fact, I'll be recommending it even to beginning programmers, so that they never develop some of the bad habits that make PHP guys infamous.

Other news: good week at the tables, up about $180. Also got PokerStars to run pretty-well in Wine. No chat though... and typing bets in with numbers doesn't work. You have to use the slider. Still a pleasant surprise how far that project has come....

More Others news: I got a hyundai accent and you can have the engine if you bid today, because it's going electric. That's right! No more foreign oil for me, thank you. Except in the other 800 products I use that require it... meh.

Alright, I've got to go email everyone and get my readership (readercanoe, really) back.


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