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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

SOA and Me

(a followup to a previous post

'Kay, I haven't read a single SOA book, and I'll explain why. It seems there's a standard buzzword cycle that operates pretty predictably at a number of levels:

-A technology gets "hot" and a bunch of people figure it's the solution to every problem anyone has
-These people waste a bunch of time singin' and dancin' about how Wicked Cool this thing is and how it'll take over the world. (nice parody of this mentality -- guy can't wait until the Lx kernel is rewritten in PHP!)
-It is eventually discovered that this tech, like all others, doesn't do everything, and there is a backlash where no one wants to hear about it anymore.
-Some time later, problem-solving types re-analyze the tech, realize it does some things very well, and it takes its proper place in the universe.

e.g.: XML, formerly considered the best way to do everything from configure a CLI to archiving your email, is now -- gasp! -- being used to structure data that needs structure in order to be useful.

e.g.: the "new economy" got hyped all to death, then busted, then got re-invented as a (really, I swear!) way to (really) automate & network a great many disparate types of businesses.

Anyway, I basically wait until the cycle has gone through it's first 2 phases before I get current.


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