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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Well none of you have seen anything on this topic for awhile -- you may even need to consult the "Most Important Abbreviations" in the bottom-right to find out what "HE" is. There's a story behind that. Over the course of June and July I dropped about $700 by playing medium-stakes limit hold'em, and playing it badly. The bonus referred to in my last poker post didn't happen (basically there's a time-limit, and I got punched, so I couldn't clear the bonus). And I withdrew a few hundred to pay bills.

I played a bit more limit HE in August and September, netting $104. Had ups and downs at Richard's game, didn't track that precisely but probably -$50 or so.

The new leaf I turned over yesterday is that I'm back in the no-limit game, partly because I'm helping a friend write a book on NL hold'em. And results were great: +$89 over about 1100 hands of $50 buyin no-limit at Absolute Poker. That's 32.3 BB/100 -- which rocks.

I gotta get off the game and do the dayjob for a couple days, so September's final balance is:
Richard's game: +$44
Limit HE: $92
NL: $139
Bonuses: $50

Total: $324

Will be back up on cloud nine pretty soon at this rate.


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