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Monday, July 25, 2005

KDE et C

I'm now on my first KDE desktop since ... well, I guess since a brief stint with MEPIS on my laptop, but before that it had been since Mandrake 7.3 -- my very first Linux box.

My, how times have changed. I remember KDE being very ugly; it's not. Also it's responsive as hell -- maybe that's the Gentoo behind it, but I also have fluxbox on here and I don't notice a big difference. Will do some tougher crunching and report more later.

Y'know what would probably go over big with hackers looking into PHP5 migration? A simple little set of scripts that could move you from your standard LAMP setup in /var/www/ to a XAMPP one in /opt/lampp. Just a thought. Three times I've done this procedure, moving the databases, the phpmyadmin, getting the permissions right. Kinda tedious. Who wants to help? I think it could be a quick, semi-interactive shell script.

Last: congrats to Maypole, Linux Journal's library-of-the-year, which I am still determined to refactor in P5. Got the code and took the first few baby steps poking around in it. Looks tight. Anyone who knows more about architecture want to help?

You basically send a URL like and Maypole does the rest, providing a form to edit company with primary key #41. There is in fact no "company" directory or any of that other stuff, just a URL to be parsed. That is not exactly how I thought it worked, and that is not how Xaypole works ... should it?


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