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Friday, June 17, 2005


So a little bird told me that Gentoo makes better use of yr hardware, and I decided to try it out. Ran into some of the usual fun headaches that make life interesting, but finally got going. I'd also heard that fluxbox is a nice little high-speed desktop, so I started that up instead of my usual gnome.

Some numbers:
both boxes have nautilus, a couple of terminals, and a browser open.
Gentoo box is using about 22% of system memory; FC3 is using just over 50%

wanna hear something cool?
the chip that FC3 is using half of is Twice as Big as the chip that Gentoo/fluxbox is using 20% of. Here are the REAL numbers:
Gentoo/fluxbox: 60MB
FC3: 258M

then i realized FC3 was running apache and mysql daemons, so i killed them. Could that be it? New numbers:
Gentoo: 60
FC3: 253

Nope, that's not it. FC3 is just really %$^@^ topheavy. So the question is: do you need a new computer or do you need to use the one you have better?


  • you'll have to give me a lesson on installing Gentoo. if for no other reason than I have a cool Gentoo 3200x1200 gentoo wallpaper and I feel bad using it having never used Gentoo.

    By Blogger luke, at 7:49 AM  

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