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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wireless at Last

Okay, I try not to be one of those "make it easy on me" types when it comes to Linux. I'm perfectly willing to spend an hour or so getting familiar with GRUB if I want to do something moderately complicated like e.g. install XP, DeMuDi, and FC3 on my laptop.

But ndiswrapper ... I dunno, seems kinda half finished to me sometimes. My thoughts after spending all morning fiddling with it (it flies now):

Hey ndiswrapper, why do you think you're being installed? It's 'cause I want to start using that card. Y'know, the one described by the .inf file I just pointed you to? so how about 1) modprobing yourself; and 2) going ahead and calling 'iwconfig' and/or 'ifup wlan0' ... or at least asking if I want to do that stuff?

That would save me the 30 minutes or so that I spend reading through help forums and so on.

Like I said, I'm willing to meet you halfway and stuff; a guy really ought to be able to add stuff to rc.d/ and the like so that the right stuff activates at boot time and so on. But it just seems that if there's a use to which 99% of yr downloaders are going to put your software, you might anticipate that a little better. That's all.

PS: manufacturers, build some Lx drivers. Just a couple, for the most popular distributions. Release the source. We'll do the rest for our little personalized funky distros. And we'll love you forever. That's gotta be worth something.


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