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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Waiting Game

Just kinda sitting around today on the edge of my seat for news out of the Supreme Court. At least I'm not stuck outside in the cold...

Fun Quote of the day: from a doc on what's new in Gnumeric 1.4:
The port of the core of Gnumeric to the GTK+ libraries will enable the application to be run on the series of operating systems sold by Microsoft and colloquially known as "Windows".

Also today I'm proud to be a Dallasian -- Big dogs with big pockets are starting to get it. Tell Mark to call me; I've got several ideas he might be interested in, and he's got several dollars I might be interested in. Dang, he was /.ed, I'll have to get in line.


  • have you ever actually USED grokster? I got no less than 4 trojan-horse warnings while installing it.

    then, trying to download a few tracks from American Idiot, I find that they are ridiculously large files of silence?

    that crap comes OFF my computer. but not before it had a chance to install more than 60 spywares.

    these legal lawsuits are so boring to me. Mark's point seems to be that content distributors should embrace new technology for distributing content. but what exactly is the trial about?

    is it about the legality of grokster to exist? if that's what it's about, then they better rule in favor of grokster. of course it has a right to exist.

    but then don't be surprised by all the DRM efforts being put forward by content producers. copyrights are valid, and if the producers (hopefully) can't protect their copyrights by eliminating the technology that circumvents copyrights, they'll attempt to use technology to enforce them.

    if or when that happens, show your disgust by refusing to purchase DRM-covered digital music. I had a nightmare trying to transfer an album with DRM I bought online. DRM is basically trying to keep the honest honest. so I refuse to buy DRM music now.

    I like the new "independent" DJ's now mixing and re-mixing and podcasting and using all kinds of tech to get their groove out. of course, the 2 that I know personally are essentially in poverty.

    By Blogger luke, at 9:31 PM  

  • No, I've never used grokster. In fact, I haven't used any P2P stuff other than bittorrent in several months. Just not all that interested in the latest music. Getting old, I guess.

    But your suspicion is right, this case isn't actually about copyright infringement.

    Moglen has An excellent paper arguing that the case is really about whether content providers are going to be allowed to dictate the structure of the internet.

    The damn thing was created in a decentralized P2P architecture in order to be difficult to destroy. MGM & friends would like this architecture to be made illegal, because it can't be monitored like a client-server architecture can.

    Of course, they're not outright saying "ban this architecture" but this case would be precedent for that kind of thinking. Ick.

    Farbeit from me to agree with a libertarian, but yes the long term answer will come from the market, as the content providers with no grasp of digital reality will increasingly aggravate the populace by suing them and taking away their technology. Getting off their grid is the thing to do, maybe with something like

    RIAA Radar

    or my new project
    Artists for File Sharing (not yet live, but soon)

    By Blogger Matt Crouch, at 7:26 AM  

  • one possible market answer is coming from Russia. I think allofmp3 survived a court battle recently?

    they seem to have caught on that the iTunes model is the right one. however, they offer their content for $.02/MB, which makes an entire album roughly $1.20? another nice thing is they offer all different qualities, so you can grab the 3MB version of a song, or the 15MB version that is CDDA quality.

    I'm signing up and know lots of people who are also jumping on. signals to me that iTunes model is good, but price is a big issue? perhaps record companies need to recognize that with P2P or other digital distribution, costs go way down, and people are not willing to pay as much anymore - they just have to lower their prices!

    yeah, THAT'LL BE THE DAY!

    By Blogger luke, at 1:24 PM  

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