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Saturday, March 26, 2005

I Care But Don't Care

Having missed a month+ of Luke's stuff, I played cryptkeeper a little bit. My comment on the interoperability memo is in the Feb 7 article. A quick couple of bullets to wrap that up.

-I think it's bull. Microsoft will go on trying to patent the internet and lock people into as much of their software as they can. The (seductive) argument is: "don't you think the best way to have machines interoperate is to make them all run the same (our) software?"
-I don't particularly need it to be bull, or need anyone else to believe it's bull. I've got stuff to do.

Sensible programmers/businessfolk need to keep apprised of threats to innovation coming from any direction -- read those EULAs, etc. But there's an important, often-overlooked bit about open source development: it's better. And will therefore win, if we just do our work.

One more
-I don't particularly need open source development to "win". But it's proven to be the best way to get stuff done, and as I said before I've got stuff to do.

Oh, found it:
Der Spiegel
Money Quote (thanks PJ):

Gates: The truth is: the fewer operating systems there are within a company, the better it is from a security point of view.

SPIEGEL: I beg your pardon?

Gates: Simply because one must spend billions of dollars to ensure the security of each individual system. Our company has an unbelievable number of people who are solely responsible for this type of security around the clock.

SPIEGEL: The particular charm of Linux is that it is an adaptable system that users can shape themselves.

Gates: If everything runs under the same platform, however, you can better concentrate resources and more quickly repair errors.


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