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Sunday, June 24, 2007

So Very Very Onboard Now

After about a decade of near-total political nonintervention, I found a guy who wakes me up. Will go into more detail later, but in a nutshell:

This country is almost certain to get into deep military and economic doo-doo in the next decade. Almost. The field I'm surveying is full of men and a woman who are willing to talk about anything and everything *except the critical questions. There are two elepha^H^H^H^H^H^H colossal prehistoric mammoths in the room and they are

-Our disastrous foreign policy and its disastrously incompetent implementation
-Our *absolute, unconditional *love for expanding government spending and either borrowing or printing money to cover this

Ron Paul (I bet a bunch of you guessed it already) is the only one I've seen with political and moral courage to confront these things. And he confronts them with enviable intelligence and historical background.

So I've become an organizer of the Dallas-Fort Worth Midcities meetup group, and I'm 100% not kidding, and I'm not going down without a fight, and I'm not caving in to the CW that says "he has no chance".

And a plug: If you think America could benefit from a return to the mandate-for-government set out quite clearly in our Constitution, or if you even just think these problems should get some airtime, please help our group out with a contribution (paypals below). I met with these people yesterday, and was astonished at the energy and seriousness that they brought to this admittedly-uphill battle.

That's all for now; I'll be expounding more on individual RP positions later.

Donate to DFW-MidCities Ron Paul Meetup